Spring 2010 Bridal Runway: Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

By Azure Nelson, Published Nov 9, 2009

There isn't much that needs to be said about Vera Wang wedding dresses. We can always expect Vera's collections to be leading the pack in terms of the season's trends. And her Spring 2010 collection is no different! Vera has always been bold and daring with her choice of colors and fabrics. I mean... how many designers do you know who could include pea green, cocoa, pewter and black wedding dresses in her collection and get away with it!? And not only are the color choices bold, but the actual dress designs are daring too, with loads of tulle, yards of cascading fabric, giant, oversized bows, and asymmetrical details. Personally, I'm partial to the more traditional wedding dresses, like the one featured in the first photo. Its simple, lovely, and romantic... everything I'd want for my big day. Psst... this may be just my preference, but wouldn't you like to see these lovely creations on models that look a bit more like you and me, more like real women? The models are just so waif-like that it's hard to imagine how they would look on a beautiful bride-to-be with some curves. I'm just sayin'...

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