STFU, Bride!

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Happy Monday! I bet that title got your attention! As if we needed more proof of why Wedding Pre-Party was a great idea, we recently stumbled upon these Facebook postings on a great website called Passive Agressive Notes. The problem with talking about your wedding on Facebook or MySpace is that not all of your social networking friends are actually your friends! Even if you were inviting all 300+ of your “friends” to your wedding, do you want to let all of their friends know your wedding plans? (Before you say yes, think of which of your friends is still in contact with your ex!) With Wedding Pre-Party, you can chat, share, and even vent, but only with people whose opinion you care about, and who actually care about your wedding! So, if you don’t want to find your own Facebook status notes on a page like this, start your Wedding Pre-Party today! By the way, we actually love regular social networking, too! Come Fan us, friend us and follow us on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter!

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