Sweet Wedding Guest Favors to DIY

By admin, Published May 21, 2012

Everyone loved the adorable floral-filled ice cubes we shared in our DIY section a few weeks back. Curious to know if anyone's taken the plunge and tried the DIY!?

Today we've got another fabulous do-it-yourself project for brides willing to roll up their sleeves and get crafty! I spotted the daisy lollipops (below) on the Funkytime blog, and thought they'd make sweet & memorable wedding guest favors for Spring or Summer I Do's!

While Funkytime filled their pops with little white and yellow daisies, you can definitely get creative with the edible blooms (and herbs) you choose. Consider pansies, marigolds, roses or violets, chamomile, Indian cress, lavendar or basil. Just make sure to buy organically grown flowers and pesticide-free plants!!

Deciding on what you'll put inside the lollis is definitely the toughest part! The rest should be a breeze, and a budget-friendly one (since most of the ingredients required- corn syrup, sugar, water, food coloring- are things we keep in the kitchen). Here are three of our favorite flower-filled lollipop DIYs to try...

1- Sunshiny Yellow Daisy Lollipops

2- Purple Pansy Petal Lollipops

3- Pink Pomegranate Cherry Pops

How would your guests like to receive this sweet handmade treat? Will you consider this DIY for your special day?

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