Swoon-Worthy Spring Bridal Finds from Indie Designers

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Mar 9, 2012

I knew the coming of spring would usher in some phenom finds from my fellow indies. What are we drawing inspiration from this 2012?

For starters retro trends are going more niche. That means bridal designers are zoning in on a particular era and piece and embellishing it almost to authenticity. That touch of blush is still with us showing up under lightweight fabrics as well as added through accessories.

Pleat and ruffle variations are everywhere and we're just beginning to see more takes on the Steampunk/Victoriana; just a little curious to see whether the continuation of this trend follows in fall. And, is it just me or what? Each season as the hit TV series Mad Men progresses from early to mid-60s chic courtesy of Janie Bryant the stylist/designer on the show, we now seem to embrace all the styles and fabrics that go with 1965.

How do you like? If these gorgeous indie creations are just your style, check back next Friday for part two!!

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