Tax Deductible Wedding Tips

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Happy tax day! Hopefully, you’ve already filed and aren’t using us an excuse to avoid finishing your taxes. But, by this time next year, you may be filing as a married couple, and looking for some tax deductions. No matter how many business clients you invite, your wedding is not tax deductible, but there may be some things you can do around your wedding that do count as deductions. We here at OneWed are good with love, not necessarily numbers, so we suggest you consult with your accountant, or your tax software, about specifics. Still, because we believe finding love makes you lucky, and the way to stay lucky is to share your luck, here are some ideas to get you started: 1) Donate your wedding dress – organizations like Making Memories and the idofoundation take gently used wedding dresses and sell them, using the money for great causes. Your bridesmaids can get in on the action by donating their dresses to places like the Cinderella Project to be used by underprivileged girls as prom dresses (we know, we know, they’ll be able to wear them again, but just in case). 2) Instead of party favors, consider donations to an organization. 3) Instead of wedding gifts, consider having people make donations to an organization (just remember, this is a deduction for them, not for you). 4) If your wedding is being held at a museum or other not-for-profit venue, part of the cost of the rental may be deductible. 5) If you donate leftover flowers or food, part of their cost may be deductible. For more great ideas, check out the idofoundation. They have great ideas for how to make charitable giving a part of your wedding, and your life (and not just for the write off). So, how are you sharing your luck?

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