Ten Commandments for Wedding Guests

By admin, Published Dec 13, 2011

  • Follow these commandments and your spot on the bride & groom's "most loved wedding guests" list will be secure!
  • 1. You shall RSVP before the specified deadline.
  • 2.  You shall not wear white (unless specifically requested, a la Kim Kardashian)
  • 3. You shall not make a last minute RSVP change (from Yes to No)*
  • 4. You shall arrive to the wedding ceremony early, not late
  • 5. You shall respect the couple’s decision to request no children or no plus 1’s
  • 6. Honor the couple and PAY ATTENTION at the ceremony. No sports streaming, tweeting or chatting
  • 7. You shall not black out (or even come close)
  • 8. You shall not get frisky in the photobooth
  • 9. You shall not regift, or stray too far off the couple’s registry
  • 10. You shall keep all criticism, critiques, and not so positive opinions to yourself**
  • Which of these ten commandments do you consider most important?
  • *Obviously, certain occurrences (like a death in the family or going into labor) give you a free pass to ditch the wedding at the last minute.
  • **There’s nothing wrong with a little recap/gossip session with your significant other once you’re in the privacy of your own home. But until then, zip it.

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