The Best Kind of Wedding Favors

By admin, Published Aug 26, 2013

When the open bar is flowing, the band is crooning or the DJ's spinning, and the photo booth is snap, snap, snapping away, there's just one thing missing...

Fun wedding favors that guests can bust out and let loose with at the reception!

Because what compliments drinking, celebrating, dancing, and memory-making quite like kitschy chachkies?! Just think back to your old college days, and the madness that ensued when props or costumes were thrown into the mix... then scroll on to see 15 fabulously fun ideas for favors your guests will adore!

1 - Funky Sunglasses

2 - Lickable Lollipops

3 - Signature Soda Pops (spiked or straight up)

4 - Mini Pinatas

5 - Festive Hats that Guests Can Trade

6 - Mason Jars of Moonshine

7 - Fancy Fans or Parasols

8 - Tasteful Temporary Tats

9 - Glow Sticks, Wands, and Wearables

10 - Cozy Pashminas

11 - Comfortable Kicks

12 - Glitter Confetti Packets

13 - Mini Bottles of Champagne or Wine

14 - Fringy Noise Makers

15 - Customized Koozies

Which of these fun wedding favors ideas would you consider for your I Do's?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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