The Man Registry: Best Bear (and other funny animal wedding stories)

By The Man Registry, Published Sep 10, 2009

About The Man Registry When I heard the story about the man having his pet bear serve as Best Man in his wedding, I was shocked. The bear, named Brutus, weighs in at just over 800 pounds and fronts a pretty vicious appearance. After watching the video and viewing the astonishing photos, I was left with a few questions: • Which wedding guest would be unlucky enough to be seated next to the beast? • What do you tell the caterer to bring to feed the bear? A bucket of raw fish? • Did the tux shop have a big enough size for Brutus? This story got me thinking. Surely there are other grooms that have wanted their pet to serve in the wedding party. I asked around and discovered a few similar stories involving members of the animal kingdom being present on the wedding day. Like the bear, there were some definite pros and cons for each instance: Cat Pro – Kept the dance floor clear of rodents. Con – Fell asleep during ceremony. Parrot Pro –Actually memorized and recited a wedding toast. Con – The bird wasn’t potty trained, therefore the bride wasn’t the only one in attendance wearing white. Dog Pro – Watchdog’s loud barking alerted bride and groom of wedding crashers who were promptly escorted out. Con – Kept trying to “fetch” the bouquet and bring it back to the bride.

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