The Micromanaging Bride

By, Published Sep 25, 2012

"Hello, my name is Bridey, and I am a micromanager." Wouldn't it be great if there were a support group for micromanagers? Particularly for micromanaging BRIDES? Seriously, I would love to lead THAT group! I would even make the coffee and bring the damn donuts. We would sit in a big circle talking all about allowing the wedding vendors to do their jobs without constant "direction" from you, bridey. It would be so enlightening... uplifting even!

I am bringing this up because as I was having a boozy brunch with the girls this past weekend, (and by girls I mean other professionals in "the industry"), and one of my friends who works at a lovely venue said that a bride of hers was telling everybody (her vendors) how to do their jobs on her wedding day! Right? This bride is all dolled up in her beautiful wedding gown, hair did, makeup just right, and as the band was announcing the bridal party into the room, this bia is frantically motioning to my friend (the wedding coordinator) to tell the band to speed it up. And it didn't stop there...

Apparently once she and her poor husband were announced, they began their first dance, and the plan was to have two minutes alone on the dance floor before inviting the guests up to join them. Well, two minutes can be a very long time when all eyes are on you, and even though my friend tried to tell the bride that perhaps a minute and twenty seconds would be more comfortable, the bride refused to listen. Soooo... at about a minute and twenty-five seconds, the bride begins waving her guests to the dance floor all while shooting nasty looks to the band and the planner thinking they forgot about the two minute rule!

I know it's funny. We were all laughing too. And if I had more time, I could tell you all of the other things this bride did to micromanage her wedding. But, there is a lesson here brideys. You hired us because we are the professionals. We know what we are doing (well... most of us do if you hired wisely) because we do this every Saturday night. While this might be your first time, it's certainly not ours. So please, back off, enjoy your wedding day, and let us take care of the details. Because the only thing that changes for us each weekend... is you.

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