The Perfect Bermuda Honeymoon—Guide to Adventure

By admin, Published Dec 16, 2013

If you missed the first installment of our Best of Bermuda honeymoon guide, catch up on it HERE. Then read on to learn what adventurous activities are musts for Bermuda honeymooners! And, if you have any questions about honeymooning in Bermuda, leave them in the comments section!

7 Bermuda Adventures Not to Be Missed

1. Book a Catamaran sail around the island to discover more of Bermuda’s amazing waters.

2. Helmet Diving—Take an undersea walk (no swimming skills required) and get an up-close look at Bermuda’s rich coral reefs and vibrant tropical fish.

3. Wreck Diving—Put your scuba skills to the test and explore some of the world’s best shipwrecks.

4. Take a post-sunset cruise to watch the spectacular mating dance of the Bermuda glowworm (if honeymooning during the summer months).

5. Go underground in Bermuda’s enchanted Crystal Caves to see a totally different, dramatic side of this idyllic destination.

6. Spend several hours at the Blue Hole Park taking in natural wonders including a tranquil mangrove pond, caves, and grottos.

7. Glide through Bermuda’s rich underwater world while riding an aqua scooter during a Power Snorkel Adventure.

Now that we’ve divulged the best romantic and adventurous ideas for honeymooning in Bermuda, there’s just one topic left… and it’s all about pleasure!

Check back next week to discover the top Bermuda spots to get pampered, unwind, kick back, and indulge. Until then, take a peek at this gorgeous ideabook filled with Bermuda inspiration!

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