The Proof is in the Pictures

By, Published Apr 25, 2012

The other night I was having a few cocktails with some industry professionals (shocking I know…) when we got to talking about one of the latest trends in wedding photography. Photojournalism. Pretty much every bride I am working with seems to find “traditional” wedding photography outdated, and literally has some sort of physical reaction when we talk about staged photographs. Personally, I too am a huge fan of photojournalism, although I am not completely against making sure there is some tradition in the mix. But, here’s the thing bridey’s… if you are going for the story telling look of photojournalism, then wipe that puss off your face. Huh? Yeah, ENJOY your wedding or else those “cool” pictures will show just how much fun you AREN’T having, and there’s nothing your “amazeballs” photographer can do about it.

According to a totally fabu wedding photographer I work with, one of her brides was having major issues with her mother on the day of her wedding. So major, that it was all she could do to get a shot of the bride smiling (staged or not), and when she went to edit the photographs, it showed. You see, photographers can get rid of tan lines (with a lot of work), lipstick teeth, smudges on the wedding dress, etc., but they can’t edit every single picture to show a smiling bride. That my fair brides should come from you because… oh I don’t know… it’s your wedding day!

So, if you are having issues with your mom, sister, maid of honor or WHOMEVER, let it go… ahead of time. I mean, these probably aren’t new issues, so you will have plenty of time to practice letting go before you say, “I do”. Tell yourself that you are not going to let ANYTHING or ANYBODY get the best of you that day or else it will show… for several years to come. Because as they say… the proof is in the pictures.

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