The Ultimate Gift for the Newly Engaged: A Stealth Engagement Party

By admin, Published Dec 10, 2012

Champagne gifts for engagement parties

Wondering how to make the bridey in your life feel extra special? Why not throw her a surprise engagement party?! My besties and fiancé did just that this weekend, and it truly meant the world to me!

They kept me in the dark by playing it off as a casual couple’s dinner, but when I walked in… all the special people in my life (including my parents, my fiancés parents, and my dangerously pregnant sister, who made the two hour trip despite her “about to burst” status) were there. I typically hate surprises, but this was one surprise I couldn’t help but love! It was such a touching gesture!

The party was amazing from start to finish, with a delicious homemade Italian feast, wine and cocktails flowing, touching toasts, and a rousing game of Catchphrase (which, by the way, if you’ve never played while getting toasty… you MUST!). And we walked away with some pretty sweet engagement gifts! Gifts I think almost any couple would love. So if you're struggling to find a great engagement gift for a nearlywed couple, here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing...

1 - Keepsake toasting flutes - We received a beautiful set of Vera Wang / Wedgewood crystal champagne flutes, and busted them out for a special toast during our surprise engagement party. And... we won't sip from these glasses again until the toasts at our wedding reception! How's that for a sweet tradition?!

2 - Stock the bar essentials - It's hard to go wrong with the gift of alcohol, so a nice bottle of wine or champagne is a perfect engagement party gift. And if alcohol isn't your thing, you can go in another direction, with crystal wine stoppers or a cute wine cork barrel.

3 - Holiday treasures to help the couple start new traditions - If you're celebrating a summertime engagement, this idea may not be the best. But for the holiday season, it's one of my favorites. My sister and bro-in-law surprised us with a gorgeous gift basket filled with keepsake Christmas ornaments, and I couldn't wait to get home and hang them on our tree!

4 - A registry favorite - If you've already tied the knot, you have an idea of those awesome registry items that every couple should have. Like, a marble cheese board from Pottery Barn, essential for an at-home wine & cheese fete! So pick a favorite (budget-friendly) registry item you adore, and wrap it up for the engagement party!

5 - Grown-up trinkets for the home - When a couple is first starting out, they typically don't have the extra money to spend on beautiful decor accents for the home. So gift them something they wouldn't buy for themselves, like crystal taper candle holders or a stunning vase.

What was the best engagement gift you received after your groomie popped the question? Share it in the comments section below!

A stealth engagement party for our editorial director

Posing with the brains behind the stealth engagement party!

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