This Dress Was Made for You and Not Me…

By, Published Sep 4, 2012

This bitch is exhausted. This bitch is tired. My feet are numb, and my head is like a big bowl of ramen noodles. And I pretty much hate everybody after being so damn nice for the past three days. You know why? Because this bitch worked ALL Labor Day weekend. Kinda ironic huh? I worked all LABOR Day weekend...

But enough about me! I hope that everybody else enjoyed his or her final summer getaway, but if I don't start talking about the most amazing dress I have EVER seen on a mother of the groom (MOG), maybe even among the top five dresses that I have ever seen (live), then I just wouldn't feel right.

Before I tell you about the dresses (oh yeah, I'm sorry, did I forget to mention that there were two?), I need you to picture the MOG. She is about four pounds soaking wet, five feet nothing and stunning with golden red hair. Oh, and dripping in money. You see I can't even give you a link to the dress because she had it made. Oh, I mean she had THEM made. There was the gold one for the rehearsal dinner and the lavender one for the wedding... and in all of my time as a planner, I have NEVER seen anything so incredible in my life as these dresses. Obvi made by a designer in NYC, and without the boundaries of a budget, they were incredible!

I'm so spent that I don't even know if I have a point, but I must say that I actually dreamt about the gold dress (the one she wore for the rehearsal dinner). It was a predominately gold sequined dress with silver laced throughout and the most incredible sash crisscrossed around her shoulders and neck. Oh, and it was paired with gold "dagger" shoes made by Stuart Weitzman with heals as thin as cigarettes (aka daggers). Totally insanely gorgeous! I mean, look at these fu*kers? So while it sucked that I had to work all weekend, watching the MOG (who happened to be the nicest woman I've ever met) rock this completely fabu dress made my night! Actually, it made my weekend.

So, tell me brideys, have YOU ever rocked a dress so hard that "the help" couldn't take their eyes off of you (not including your wedding dress)? Share the drool-worthy deets in the comment section below!

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