Time Traveling Bride: Bouffant to Mod in the 1960’s

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Dec 28, 2012

I double dare you to pick a more diverse era for fashion than the 1960's. The words radical, mod and carefree come to mind when we tune in on this era but so do the words bouffant and elegance. For a decade ushered in with all the elegance of the La Dolce Vita and Breakfast at Tiffany's look sporting super coiffed hair and high dress formals, the exit in 1969 was a 180 degree turn when the mini skirt became the norm.

If Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn had incredible style influence in the early 60's, Jackie flaunting Oleg Cassini and Audrey, Givenchy, by 1965 the times were indeed a' changin'. The Swinging Mod 60's was shaped by two designers: Courrèges' in Paris and Mary Quant in London, both laying claim to introducing the mini skirt. All about freedom and breaking  tradition, once the mini came to prominence it quickly made its way into bridal fashion. The traditional veil was sometimes replaced with a head wreath, white lace bandanna... or-- shockingly at the time--nothing at all.


First, decide whether you're going early to mid 1960's or late decade sixties. Think early seasons of Madmen if you're trying to create a a post 50's look. Later looks include dressing like Twiggy.


  • Coiffure and bouffant were common fashion terms bringing big hair and skirts to the fashion forefront.
  • Really study out the hairdressing. When I was a kid, this look (above) was very in. Back then it was dubbed, 'The Flip'. If my mother or aunt came back from the hairdresser, this is usually the image that came home. It used to take a full head of rollers and sitting under the dryer reading Ladies Home Journal front to back; now it can be done via curling iron and a good stylist. Below are a couple more hair inventions redolent of the mid-to late 60s by California stylist Kathie Rothkop.


  • Dress your legs. Tights and pantyhose were a new and welcome invention. White lace or opaque, overnight tights eclipsed stockings that had to be held up with garter belts--which would never have worked with the mini skirt...
  • Find a pair of white Courrèges' boots if you can (pictured above).  Brides sometimes sported the white lace mini dress with these new and groovy space-age ankle boots that swept the fashion scene round about 1964.
  • It is very 60's to carry or wear daisies in your hair. The daisy is a flower symbolizing youth and whimsy.
  • In the late sixties Brides often wore mini skirts with very long cathedral veils, again, breaking the tradition of the long veil matching the long dress. Also above is an Alencon lace LWD by Frank Massandrea around 1968.

What do you think of the 1960's era for wedding day fashion? Are you a fan? Will you add a little vintage to your white aisle style?

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