To Look or Not To Look: First Looks or Waiting for the Ceremony

By Chandra Fredrick, Published Feb 7, 2012

A first look can serve several purposes, the obvious being that you get more photos out of the way before the ceremony so you have more time after for other photos and mingling with guests.  It also helps you get over any pre-wedding jitters, major bouts of tears, and lets you get a makeup touch up from those tears.  Plus, the first look makes for some great photos.

I really wanted to stick to this one tradition when I got married, and my husband and I did not do a first look.  I am so glad we didn’t!  Seeing my husband waiting for me at the end of the aisle for the very first time that day was my favorite moment of the wedding.  Plus, it made for some great photos of him shedding a couple of tears when he saw me.  I am a big fan of wedding photos that capture an emotional moment.  Now, I've seen a lot of great "first look" emotional shots too.  I think the first time you see each other is going to be emotional, but I love that ours was part of the ceremony.

Another great idea is to do a no peeking first look, like this couple.

wedding ceremony first look 1

wedding ceremony first look 1

photos by Gina Leigh via Bridal Guide

Isn't that such a cute idea!?  Makes for great photos, helps with the jitters and tears, but you still get to wait to actually see each other until the ceremony.  Such a wonderful compromise!

I recently posed this question and got evenly divided results.  About half who responded said they were not planning on a first look, while the other half was or did.  A few people said they didn’t do one and regretted it, but no one said they did a first look and wished they hadn’t.

So, what do you think?  Say yes to a first look or wait till the ceremony?  I'd love to hear what you did or plan to do in your wedding or which you like to see best.

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