Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Green

By Katie Martin, Published Apr 22, 2013

Special to OneWed by Katie Martin of Eco-Beautiful Weddings

For every vendor you have at your wedding, there are amazing ways to keep it green. However, to get the biggest bang for your eco wedding buck, we're sharing the top five ways to keep your wedding green. Remember that being green is not just about carbon emissions, it is also about keeping things local and supporting the community you live in.

Transportation - The key to keeping your wedding as green as possible is to limit the amount of transportation that needs to be used. This is in everything. Vehicles (all types that use any form of fuel) are the biggest producers of carbon emissions. The fewer out of town guests you have, the less venues you use (think ceremony and reception in one place), and the more local vendors you hire (down to where each vendors resources are coming from) - the greener your wedding will be.

Wedding Dress - There are a number of ways to keep your wedding dress eco-friendly. First, try to find a designer who crafts their gowns where you live. So if you are in the US, try to buy from US designers that actually manufacture and design their dresses in the US. Second, if you are not finding dresses you like that are made in your place of residence, buy a used wedding dress. This will not only give way to items being reused for your wedding, but can save you a bundle of money. Most gowns that are being resold are in perfect condition; if they were in horribile shape they would not be resold! Don't turn your nose up at the thought of purchasing a previously worn dress. You can actually find 'once wed' couture wedding gowns at a fraction of the cost!

Jewelry - In regards to the bling on the day of your wedding, again there are a ton of ways to keep it green. The most popular way is borrowing from your family! Family pearls and diamonds are a wonderful tradition and a fantastic way to keep a classic look for your wedding day. If you are not into tradition, then jazz it up with interesting jewelry that you can actually wear again, like the Loren Hope necklace above. The bright turquoise hue makes this a perfect piece to rock on your honeymoon or on date nights after the big day is over!

Food - Going green for cuisine the day of your wedding is not about being organic. It's about using local farms and local ingredients. Finding a caterer and wedding cake designer that reaches out to the community for local resources may not be as hard as you think. You could actually be the catalyst for a caterer going green! If you can find a caterer that can combine both local with organic - then you have a winner! To take it to the next level you can make everything vegan!  Finding a cake designer who uses farm fresh ingredients is also pretty easy. Another big green hit at weddings is using local breweries or distilleries to provide  "spirits" at your wedding. So don't be afraid to break out that kegerator!

Flowers - Finding a florist that is truly eco-friendly can be tricky. Many florists depend on flowers that are verified through Veriflor, but that is not enough. It is better to ask your florist where the flowers are coming from. Again, the more local the better. The best cut flowers from around the world are from the United States, Canada and Holland. These three countries have the best fair trade and fair wage practices in the cut flower industry. Ask your florist what they do with vases and leftover wedding flowers after the event. Will they take them to a nursing home? Do they compost? As in all of your vendor relations, asking the right questions is key!

Will your I Do's have eco-friendly elements? We're curious how many OneWed readers plan to greenify their weddings!

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