Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Go Platinum With Your Wedding Rings

By Azure Nelson, Published Jun 4, 2010

Special to OneWed by David Tutera™ of My Fair Wedding, provided by Platinum Guild International Your gorgeous engagement ring is one of your most treasured possessions. And the wedding bands you'll exchange with your love after saying I Do will forever symbolize the beginning of your life together. For items this precious, you deserve the best. And the best is Platinum! Below, celebrity wedding and event planner David Tutera™ shares his top 8 reasons to go platinum with your rings! 1. The Diamond’s Security A platinum setting provides the ultimate safety clasp for your precious diamond. Platinum ring settings are more durable, resilient, and will hold your sparkling diamond more securely than any other metal. 2. Durability Since you'll likely be wearing your engagement ring and wedding band every day, choose something that is resistant to life’s wear and tear. With platinum, you can be sure that your bumps and bangs won’t result in significant metal lost, making it a savvy choice for his and hers wedding bands. 3. Key Differences between Platinum vs. White Gold A white gold setting will start out white, but may not actually stay white. Unlike white gold, platinum is naturally white, so it doesn’t change color or need replating. As an added bonus, platinum settings actually enhance the brilliance of your dazzling diamond center stone. 4. Platinum Proposal Wedding Tips Propose with personality, and with the best. When your guy pops the question with a platinum ring, it shows he understands that you deserve the best. You'll cherish the proposal, and platinum ring, for years to come! 5. Matching Metals A platinum engagement ring deserves to sit along side a platinum wedding band- matching metals is a must. For the bride, both the engagement ring and wedding band should harmonize aesthetically, and in terms of how they endure together over the years. For the groom, a platinum wedding band will stand the test of time. Just as your relationship will! 6. Status/High Quality Hopefully the setting your fiance chooses will truly reflect how he feels about you. Platinum is the ultimate premium… it’s a mark of the deepest and most long-lasting relationships, making it everlasting. 7. Affordability Do you drool over your favorite celeb's platinum engagement ring, but feel it’s unrealistic for most budgets? Don’t let go of your fantasy so quick! Ring designers have gotten creative and have endless options so that you can have the high quality of platinum without the high price tag. 8. Hypo-allergenic If you have sensitive skin, you have all the more reason to go platinum with your wedding ring. If your ring setting contains any alloys (as white gold does) it can cause skin reactions and irritations. Platinum is 95% pure and hypo-allergenic making it perfect for all skin types.

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