Top Places For Finding Indie Bridal Designers

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Jun 21, 2013

Have you noticed the past few years indie designers seem to be, The Big Thing in bridal fashion? The mass produced uniform—you know the one that's in all the mainstream bridal salons: strapless mermaid with loads of ruffles—isn't everyone's cup of tea. Enter the indie designer.

An indie is someone who has a real love of practicing her art and giving personal service. Her products are handmade and unique. As Hailey of Hustle Your Bustle (an online site offering indie designed and pre-owned dresses) says, "Unlike your major brands, which focus on mass producing the items they believe the largest number of consumers will buy, Indies make what they think is beautiful. Which means you get a unique piece of art, not a cookie cutter design you’ll probably see someone else wearing tomorrow."

I'm finding most brides, by the time they are ready to buy from an indie designer, know the names of all the biggees in the biz. Where to start looking for an indie designed wedding dress? Read on to find out!

ETSY is the biggest and probably most extensive site there is for indie designed and handmade wedding dresses. There are literally thousands of designers from all over the world featured on Etsy. The trick to shopping on Etsy so you don't get overwhelmed by the info overload is to zero in on what kind of wedding dress you're looking for. For instance, don't just type 'wedding dress' into search if your looking for Boho. Narrow it down!

WEDZU - A site like Etsy in the sense it features handmade items by artisans. Wedzu however exclusively caters to weddings. Here you'll find big name indies like Holly Stalder and Twigs & Honey to name a few.

HUSTLE YOUR BUSTLE - This online site is a marketplace for brides who want to re-purpose their designer wedding dresses as well as a spot featuring a hand-picked few indie designers. The indies on this site offer samples as well as custom designs, most with a discount averaging anywhere from 10 to 60%. A great site run by some great gals who really know how to write informative blog posts.

LOVELY BRIDE - An inspirational blog as well as actual brick and mortar store in NYC, LA and DC that offers the best of the best indie designers like, Delphine Manivet, Claire LaFaye, Elizabeth Dye. You'll find the one of a kind, made in the designer's atelier rather than factory line look here!

Have you considered walking your white aisle in an Indie creation? Why or why not? Sound off below!

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