Top Tips for Getting Beautiful Photos at Your Beach Wedding

By OneWed Editor, Published Sep 10, 2009

Special feature by Jennifer Angeloro of Jennifer Angeloro Photography. Since our company is located in Fort Myers, Florida, by the Gulf of Mexico, we photograph a lot of beach weddings. If you are planning a beach wedding on a west coast beach, here are a couple of important helpful tips to make sure you get wonderful photographs. 1. Schedule your wedding to start about one and a half to two hours before sunset. Adjust that according to the length of your ceremony, of course. If your ceremony is scheduled later in the day, it will be cooler and more enjoyable. Timing your ceremony correctly also allows your photographers to take all the family and bridal party pictures on the beach after the ceremony with the perfect amount of time remaining for the most important pictures – yours! The best lighting for taking photos of the wedding couple on the beach starts about twenty minutes before sunset and lasts until a few minutes after sunset. Scheduling your pictures during this time allows your photographer to take a variety of pictures as the lighting changes from blue sky to sunset. 2. Set up your wedding ceremony at an angle away from the sun. By angling your ceremony away from the sun, neither you nor your guests will have to look into the sun during the ceremony. This is also a huge help for your photographers, as they will be shooting away from the sun to avoid lens flare and provide better pictures! Both of these tips are beneficial for you, for your guests, and for your photographers! Our suggestion is to make sure that you talk through your timeline carefully with your photographer to help make your beach wedding as perfect and special as you imagine it to be!

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