Top Tips for Writing Thank You Notes

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 12, 2010

A few months ago we got an interesting email in the offices. A woman wanted to tell us about her new business custom writing thank you notes for busy newlyweds. I have to say, this is one small business that I’m not crazy about. I understand the impulse, writing thank you notes can be a pain, but with a little thought, organization and planning, it doesn’t have to be. Here are our tips for painless thank you note writing! Prepare and plan: 1. Keep a list of the gifts – Keep one list with everyone’s name and the gift, if you’re super organized you can create a spreadsheet and use it for RSVPS, too! 2. Buy a nice pen that feels comfortable in your hand. For everyday use it probably doesn’t much matter what kind of pen you use, but if you’re writing over 100 thank you notes, you’ll want something comfortable. 3. Space them out – Do a few thank you notes each day, and you won’t get writer’s block or writer’s cramp and the task won’t take over your life. 4. Start early – Don’t wait until after the wedding. If you get a gift now, say thanks now. 5. Buy stamps and return address labels (not being able to mail the notes right away will just make the task seem bigger). The notes themselves: Struggling with what to say? Try these helpful hints. For a cash gift: Use the phrase “generous gift” do not mention the exact amount. Let the giver know what you plan to apply the money toward. For a boring gift: Mention the gift by name. Talk about how much you appreciate the giver’s thoughtfulness and generosity. For an ugly gift: Same as above, feel free to use the word “unique.” For a charitable donation: Thank the giver for their “generous donation” and let them know how appreciative you are that they helped support your cause. If you love the gift: If you really, really love the gift feel free to gush a little. Make sure the giver knows how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness, and that you’ll think of them when you use it. When you don’t know what the gift was: No matter how careful you are, you occasionally wind up with a stray gift card. Sometimes it’s easy to match the stray gift to the stray card, but occasionally you don’t have a stray gift, or you have more than one, and only one card. In that case, just refer to it as a “generous and thoughtful gift.” For all notes, mention how glad you are that the person was able to celebrate with you at the wedding, or how sad you were that the person could not attend. Keep the notes short and sweet, and you’ll be done in a flash!

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