Top Tips on Tying up Loose Ends After Your Wedding

By OneWed Editor, Published Sep 10, 2009

Special feature by Robbin Montero of A Dream Wedding You’re home from the honeymoon and busily settling into your new life. There is much to do, but you also have loose ends to tie up concerning your recent marriage. Most important among those tasks is properly thanking those who generously celebrated with you. Thank-you notes. There is no reason that it should take longer than two months to thank everyone who generously took the time to purchase a gift for you. To show your gratitude in a timely manner, start by sending out thank-you notes as soon as you receive gifts, including gifts received before the wedding. Open the gift and immediately sit down and write those cards! Thank-you notes absolutely must be handwritten, not preprinted. It is not just the bride’s job to write notes, as gifts are intended for the couple. Split the writing duties with your groom. He can respond for gifts received from the groom’s side. You can handle the cards for gifts from the bride’s side. Break down the list and write five cards a day on your lunch hour. This will make writing thank you notes manageable. There are books that can help you personalize your thank-you notes if you feel at a loss for words. If your list of thank-you notes seems like an overwhelming task, then consider how blessed you are that people have been so generous. Gown preservation. Your gown should be preserved within one month of the wedding. Take it in for cleaning and preservation as soon as possible, because stains will set, turn yellow, and become difficult - if not impossible - to remove. Often there will be stains that you don’t even see right away. Many cleaners and bridal gown stores offer this service. Though it may cost two hundred dollars or more, this service, if done promptly, will assure your gown is available for future use by a loved one. Name changes. It is recommended that any name changes take place within three months after the wedding. The most important place to register your name change is with Social Security. You need to ensure that you are credited with money you have deposited, whether in an IRA, SEP, or in your Social Security payments. You should also change your passport, credit cards, driver’s license, bank accounts, car registrations and any deeds or property titles. You will probably need to submit a copy of your marriage license along with a letter to most of these businesses and government organizations. Newspaper announcements. Call your local newspaper and request an application form to place a wedding announcement. Most newspapers charge a small fee and there is usually an extra charge to publish a photo. Besides placing an announcement in the town paper where you are currently living, you may also want to send an announcement to your hometown and to your husband's hometown. Preserving your bouquet. Pre-select a firm before the wedding to preserve your bouquet. Flower preservation needs to be done immediately! You’ll probably be on your honeymoon and won’t be available to take care of this detail. Designate someone responsible to take the bouquet for preservation after the wedding. Talk to both your preservationist and your florist about good flower choices that will preserve nicely. The wedding details aren’t over when the rice is thrown. Taking care of these items will neatly tie up all the loose ends.

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