Top Tips: Top Ten Questions to Ask a Videographer

By One Wed, Published Sep 24, 2009

Special to OneWed by Nathan Maulorico of Unknown Films 1. What style of video do you create? Some common responses will be: Cinematic, meaning movie-like with music and highlights that tell a story. Documentary, meaning real time events possibly with music added. Traditional, meaning some music and highlights with a heavy use of cross-fades. 2. How long have you been in business? It's just a fact, in this industry experience makes a difference. If someone is new to weddings they may not be prepared to handle the unexpected, with the event or their equipment. 3. Who will be filming the wedding? In some cases the person you talk to is not always the person who will shoot your wedding. This doesn't have to be an issue, film artists tend to hang together anyway, but ask to see work specifically from the person who will be there. 4. Are you on any social networks? Do you have a blog? If the vendor has a blog or is a member of a social network you can get a better look into their work, personality, and ethics. (editor's note: Don’t forget to look at reviews and ratings at sites like OneWed). 5. Have you won any awards? Are you a member of any clubs? Check to see what awards the vendor has won and if they fall in a category you would want for your wedding video. Although many may disagree, don't worry too much about groups the videographer is a member of. It’s hard to tell if the videographer is an active member of the group, or has just paid dues so that they can use the logo. Don’t forget to ask for referrals from satisfied clients. 6. How long will the final film be in length? Although this will vary depending on the style of the videographer you should think about if you want your entire ceremony included or just highlights with vows, or a mix. 7. How long before I get my video back? Beware of offers to have your entire completed video the same or next day. Some may finish fast but that may be due to outsourcing the editing. Although it’s harder to find and they will have a longer turnaround, look for someone who only allows the editing to be done by those that at-tended the wedding. A firsthand witness to the wedding can provide a better feel of the event. 8. What type of equipment do you use? Or, can you explain the technical process? The answer that you’re looking for is not what the videographer actually says but how they say it. Do you feel comfortable that they truly know what they are talking about when it comes to the cameras and editing? 9. Do you have packages or only à la carte? If you want something special don't be afraid to ask for it. Although many vendors only work within their set packages, some only use them as a tool to create what you really want. 10. Ask an original question. Think of a question that will get a personal response from the videographer. For example, as a videographer, I ask a bride what her favorite movie is in order to help get an idea of her style. A question like this can give you a deeper understanding of a person and help ensure that the videographer will be able to live up to your expectations and give you what you want.

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