Top Tips: Unforgettable Wedding Introductions

By Anna Brady, Published Dec 1, 2010

Special to OneWed from Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph of When Melinda and Travis told their wedding DJ that they would be making their entrance to Bad Boys by Inner Circle they were met with raised eyebrows. It seemed like a weird choice, but for the police officer and his dispatcher bride-to-be, the theme from Cops was a no-brainer. Sure enough, their guests went wild when they bopped in to Bad Boys. It was fun and tongue-in-cheek, but they also managed to tell the story of how they met and ultimately ended up at the altar. Several years have passed since their wedding and guests still talk about it. That’s the mark of a good introduction. Wedding introductions can be zany or serious, but whatever the case, they will set the tone for the celebration. It is one opportunity among many for the newlyweds to tell the crowd something about themselves and the people they love most. Jay Zawaski is a hockey nut who landed his dream job executive producing hockey programming on WSCR, CBS Chicago Sports Radio. Jay and his wife, Hope, asked their friend, Blackhawks’ radio announcer John Wiedeman, to do the introductions at their reception. All of the groomsmen wore Hawks sweaters and Jay wore a Probert jersey, chosen for the number 24, the date of their wedding. Guests were surprised and elated, and it was the perfect entrance for Jay and Hope, who came in to Here Come The Hawks. For truly special introductions, it’s helpful to take a step back and consider the bride and groom, their hobbies and favorite things, their families and the venue. Find something special and let that guide the introductions. How do you two plan to make your grand entrance?

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