Travelers return wedding ring worth $8,000

By News, Published Oct 19, 2010

A wedding ring is a piece of bling that a woman looks forward to flaunting for the rest of her life. When it goes missing, it can be devastating for not only the bride, but the groom who spent the cash on it.

On Oct. 11, a Washington woman reported her wedding ring missing to the local authorities, according to the Sky Valley Chronicle. Just three days later, the distraught bride received news that her priceless gem had been found by travelers.

A couple from Mukilteo, Washington, discovered the ring in a Starbucks parking lot while passing through the region. They decided to mail the precious possession to the Monroe Police Department with a note in hope of it being returned to the panic-stricken owner. Just days later, it made it into the hands of the frazzled bride from Sultan, Washington.

The wedding ring is estimated to be worth around $8,000, but in this case, the kindhearted deed carried out by local Samaritans was priceless to the owner. Even the most seemingly hopeless situations can quickly turn around when a passer-by takes the initiative to do the right thing.

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