Two Brides: A Medley of Same Sex Celebrations

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Aug 29, 2014

What and how to wear it?  Here's a look at some celebrations of  Pride Brides from real weddings as well as styled shoots that will definitely point you in the right direction and give a little inspiration.  The most important thing about putting together a look for your wedding is for you and your partner to feel comfortable in whatever you're wearing.  It's that simple.  If you both feel prettiest in a dress like the two Kellys or Aimee and Holly, by all means go for the prettiest one that you can find!  Like the idea of one or both of you flaunting boy tailoring?  Well,  that's all right too. Mary Going of Saint Harridan has started an entire online business that specializes in man-tailored suits for women so perfect for same sex wedding celebrations.  As a designer I've been working with two bride couples for years (most wanting dresses, of course) and here's my experience: Though not every lesbian wants to be labeled a bride, she does want a marriage as well as partnership and usually dresses to convey that. Most importantly, be yourself and feel confident you can invent your own options! Same sex brides: how did you and your love dress for your big day? Comment below and tell us how!

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