Two Brides in LWDs Tie the Knot in DC

By Faye Ehrich, Published Dec 7, 2012

Ready for a bright, bold, fun and fearless wedding? I bet that’s exactly what you need right now! Winter is hitting hard with its gray skies and cold nights, but luckily... I stumbled upon this cheerful vintage amusement part wedding shot eKate Photgraphy to help brighten up your day in a big way.


Rosie and Rachel were married at a super cool offbeat venue, the Bumper Car Pavilion at Glen Echo Park (just outside of DC), and their unique wedding was made possible with creative “friendsourcing”. Budget concious couples—take a few notes on this innovative technique! The wedding DJ was a friend of a friend, the primary color cupcakes were made by a baker who is also a neighbor and teammate (both ladies are avid Rugby players), and the bright flower arrangements were designed by Rachel’s florist sister-in-law. This savvy technique also brought an intimate, family feel to the reception.

The couple's slightly non-traditional ceremony honored Rosie’s Catholic upbringing and Rachel’s Jewish heritage, with a chuppah made by Rosie’s father and the breaking of a glass, as well as non-religious readings by EE Cummings and Antoine de Saint Exupery. The brides wore gorgeous little white dresses by JS Townsend and Monique Lhuillier and completed their looks with Lulu Townsend and Miz Mooz shoes. The wedding party dressed in rainbow colors and rocked matching sunglass for photos.


The wedding truly celebrated the couple. Beer from their favorite cities, hometowns, college towns, and of course, DC, was poured all night, and guests joined the couple from all over the states (and from as far away as Singapore, Peru, and Egypt).

Instead of a first dance, the couple took a first carousel ride to Katy Perry’s song “Fireworks”, in tribute to their Fourth of July engagement date.

Perhaps the coolest detail of the wedding? Guests got to vote for the couple’s new last name! How’s that for starting new traditions!?!

Would you vote for a new last name? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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