Veto Vases: How to Use Unusual Vessels for Your Flowers

By admin, Published Apr 15, 2014


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Creating your own DIY centerpieces for your wedding is a great way to express your creativity -- who knew you were so good at picking colors, textures, and scents? -- but a lot of first-time floral designers get so focused on the flowers, they gloss right over another opportunity for self-expression: the vessel!

Instead of opting for a traditional vase (yawn!), why not borrow inspiration from Tulipina owner and floral designer Kiana Underwood, who frequently uses unique vessels in her floral designs. Here are some photos from her Instagram account to give you a view ideas:

Show Your Passion

What do you love? Don’t be afraid to use tools from your everyday life or favorite hobby to hold your flowers and show off what you love to do. These scientific vessels would be great for someone who had a love of science.


Go Vintage
Hit your local craft mall or flea market with an open mind and look for anything within your color scheme. When in doubt, opt for white!


Glass Half Full
Glass vessels -- whether they be cocktail glasses, antique decanters, or even old mason jars -- give a vase-light feel, but add unique shape and color opportunities to your designs.



Pick Pedestals
Using pedestal vessels allows for more creativity with the shape and the size of your centerpieces. Think hanging vines, long tendrils, and a cascading elegance that’s oh-so-romantic.



Be Simple
Having a rustic garden wedding? Stick with the theme and go for a simple vessel, like this corrugated metal bucket. It’s so traditional -- and it leaves a lot of space for you to play with!



...Or not
A coffee pot? Sure! Don’t be afraid to look around your home and look for inspiration. If there’s something that’s part of your daily routine that you’d like to share with your friends and family.



The More, The Merrier
Kiana picked these monogrammed mugs up at Anthropologie. The biggest challenge here: Filling in the space between the mugs and creating one lush design. The solution? Use large blooms and plenty of greenery with wide leaves, like ivy.



Mismatch Made In Heaven
The thing about unique vessels is that they’re unique! Find many similar pieces (or even not-so-similar) to give each table a different atmosphere. Promise no one will mind if they’ve all got their own personalities!



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