Vince Vaughn plans to say I do

By News, Published Mar 13, 2009

Brace yourself for a flurry of media speculation and urgent emotional updates: one of Jennifer Aniston's exes is planning to tie the knot.

Vince Vaughn, previously assumed to be one of Hollywood's avowed bachelors, is finally ready to walk down the aisle, according to reports.

The New York Daily News is reporting the 38-year-old proposed to Kyla Webber, his 29-year-old real estate agent girlfriend, on Valentine's Day.

Apparently, the former Wedding Crashers star may be a romantic underneath it all, as the News says he got down on one knee and whipped out a four-carat diamond ring to show his intentions.

A few years ago, Vaughn constantly found himself dodging reports that he was planning to wed Jennifer Aniston. One of the most outrageous rumors claimed Oprah Winfrey would be funding the pair's nuptials, which turned out - of course - to be untrue.

Meanwhile, over on Team Aniston, there is no sign that Jen and boyfriend John Mayer will be taking similar steps at any point soon. It seems we'll have to wait a while before seeing many women's favorite Friend sporting a designer wedding gown.

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