Volcanic ash hinders one couple's wedding vows

By News, Published Apr 19, 2010

The volcanic ash that's hovering over Europe at the moment has put a damper on more than just air travel. In fact, it's posed quite the problem for one couple's wedding vows.

According to the Courier Mail, Sean Murtagh, 24, and Natalie Mead, 30, were married in Brisbane, Australia, three weeks ago. However, the newlyweds scheduled a second ceremony in the UK so close friends and family could witness their wedding ring exchange.

When the pair, who were on their way to England, arrived in Dubai on Thursday, they realized the chaotic cloud of smoke was going to put the kibosh on their second affair.

"Everyone pray to [the] volcano gods that I can get on a plane today, or I am going to miss my wedding," Natalie wrote on her Facebook page.

Still, the bride's dream of reprising the best day of her life was far from over. Dubai's Millennium Airport Hotel did their best to accommodate the starry-eyed couple and make magic happen.

"They have decorated the lobby of the hotel. They made us a three-tier wedding cake, set up a laptop with Skype and a projector,'' Sean told the news source.

How romantic! Maybe Sean and Natalie can skip their trip to England and just have their honeymoon in Dubai?

We're sure it'll be smokin'!

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