Want Honest Wedding Advice? Be Honest

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Happy Monday! I got my haircut this weekend (By the way, what they say about bangs making you look younger is 100% true, 3 hours later I was carded in a restaurant). Anyway, my hairstylist started complaining about a wedding she’s in, which led to me telling her about my job, and then she said that she’s engaged, too! She asked me a few questions, then she said “I’ve heard you shouldn’t tell vendors that things are for a wedding, because they’ll charge you more. Is that true?” This is definitely something you read in books about weddings on a budget, but I’ve never really understood it. If you have a wedding vendor to whom you have to lie in order to get a good price, how reliable and trustworthy is that vendor? I’m also curious about the intelligence of the DJ who can’t figure out that the party you’re describing is a wedding. Having said that, there are some cases where I can see not starting out immediately talking about the wedding. For example, if you have a very simple dress that you want dry-cleaned, you might not tell them it was a wedding dress because they might try and talk you into special services. Or, if you want a very simple, or funky non-wedding cake, you might want to describe the cake before explaining that it’s a wedding cake so that the baker doesn’t get caught up in “wedding cake mode.” For the most part though, I think you should tell people that you’re getting married, that way you can take advantage of their expertise. For example, my stylist has a specific wedding dress she wants made. She mentioned this to me, and I happen to know a seamstress who specializes in wedding dresses. If she doesn’t tell the seamstress that it’s a wedding dress, the seamstress might not think to explain to her how to pack the dress for her destination wedding. If you don’t tell people what you need, they can’t help you find it! I’m curious though, has anyone had any first-hand experience where a price was different because the vendor didn’t know it was a wedding? Any vendors out there care to comment?

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