Wear it Again with Reversible Bridesmaid Dresses from Durga Kali

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Jun 13, 2014

More exciting news on the bridesmaid fashion front!  What if I told you about a dress you could wear 4-ways?  A bridesmaid's frock is probably the last dress you'd imagine had that kind of versatility, right?  Durga Kali has solved the common problem every bridesmaid faces--what to do with the dress after the wedding. This is a 4 in-1 dress collection that actually allows bridesmaids to don the same look to 4 different functions offering more mileage out of her formal attire. Available in a variety of colors – every bride and maid can find their specific color palette. Bridesmaids will find the perfect dress to wear again after the wedding (and maybe show up as one of the best dressed guests at another).

Love that Little Black Dress?  The magic word here is reversible.  Durga-Kali is a collection of reversible dresses (offering two looks) which can also easily alter the length for a total of FOUR LOOKS in ONE DRESS in just a few easy steps! Do you think the reversible trend will catch on? Tell us why or why not in the comment section below.

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