Wedding Etiquette Questions- Tipping my Vendors

By admin, Published Oct 10, 2011

As you're planning the wedding and find THE dress, book the venue, pick out your wedding stationery, etc.... you may feel like cash is just flying out the door. So don't feel bad if you haven't thought about tipping your wedding vendors. OneWed's got you covered!

  • Tipping Tip #1- Gratuities included in the bill
  • Some vendors will include the tip in your final bill, so make sure to read contracts carefully. Often times, caterers will include a service charge, but the catering sales manager and maître d’ should still be tipped. A good rule of thumb is 3% of the total catering bill, above and beyond the service charge.
  • Tipping Tip #2- Tip based on quality of service
  • Was X vendor a life-saver throughout the planning process, or did he/she contribute to your level of stress? There are plenty of tipping tables out there to help you determine what percentage you should tip each vendor, but if the vendor did a stellar job, show your appreciation with a little extra tip or personal note and gift.
  • Tipping Tip #3- Who always gets tipped?
  • Coat check attendants, bartenders, waiters, valet parkers and drivers rely on tips to get paid. So make sure to tip these helpful folks.
Now that you're armed with 3 top tips on tipping your vendors, below is a helpful guide on who, and how much, to tip, suggested by wedding planner extraordinaire, Mindy Weiss! And please share your own tipping wisdom in the comment section below!

Wedding planning guide to tipping vendors

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