Wedding Flower Friday: Pink Monochromatic Pave Style Floral Arrangements

By Azure Nelson, Published Apr 16, 2010

While looking for some serious wedding inspiration today, I found this incredible Sydney, Australia wedding planned by the great Colin Cowie. After scrolling through a few of the wedding photos, I knew this was the perfect wedding for today’s Flower Friday post! I was struck by the beauty of the pink topiaries lining the historic fleet steps of the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. I did a bit of digging, and discovered why these wedding flowers made such a statement. Cowie used a floral design technique called Pavé, which means to cover uniformly. Carnations were placed head to head, creating a tight cluster of lush monochromatic blooms. But the pavéd beauty didn’t stop there! Inside the wedding ceremony room, Cowie created a modern pavéd arbor of fresh pink peonies. How gorgeous is this? And I love Cowie’s inclusion of eco-friendly succulents, too! Carnations are perfect (and budget-friendly!) for the pavé style of floral design, but other blooms to consider are roses, chrysanthemums, and Gerber daisies. What do you think of including pavéd floral arrangements at your wedding?? Helpful Links: Wedding Flowers Find Your Fab Florist

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