Wedding Flower Style: Multiples

By Chandra Fredrick, Published Jan 26, 2012

When choosing your florals for your wedding there are lots of things to consider, like what flowers are in season and the amount of money you are willing to spend.  What style of wedding are you having and what type of tables are you using for your reception?  All of these questions help you to decide what type of flower and style of arrangement you will choose.  But one style of arrangement that I think works for every budget, for every flower, and for every wedding style is the multiples centerpiece.

There is something so chic about simple, smaller floral arrangements.  I am a huge fan of multiples, grouping smaller containers of florals together to create one centerpiece on a table. The look is effortless and never overdone.

The great thing about multiples is that you can use whatever containers you have in your collection: milk glass, old bottles, mason jars, tea tins, or if you don’t yet have a collection, you can build one to use for your wedding and then display it in your home after.  It is also very budget friendly, as providing your own containers saves you from buying or renting them from your florist and allows you to use less flowers than with tall or bulky arrangements.  And having the smaller centerpieces allows your guests to see each other and have an unobstructed view of the festivities.

Budget-friendly, guest-friendly, and pretty to boot!  What could be better than that?

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