Wedding Flowers Top Tips: Keeping Your Blooms Fresh

By Azure Nelson, Published Feb 21, 2011

Wedding Flower Tips from the Experts at H.BLOOM: 1. To make flowers last, recut the stems and change the water as often as possible. 2. To keep the water clear and feed the flowers, create your own "flower power" potion- add a drop of bleach and a dash of sugar. 3. If one flower in your arrangement starts to wilt, use scissors to cut it out and redistribute the remaining flowers to keep your arrangement looking beautiful for as long as possible. 4. Just like brides and grooms, flowers get uncomfortable if they’re too warm: To keep your wedding blooms fresh-looking as long as possible, avoid displaying them near a radiator or in constant sunlight. 5. When refreshing the water in your vase, use room temperature or lukewarm water - there's less oxygen in it which encourages some flowers to open up. The only exception to this is spring bulb flowers like daffodils and tulips which prefer cold water. If you liked these tips to help keep your wedding flowers fresh, check out H.BLOOM's just-launched online bridal registry!

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