Wedding Gifts Etiquette Myth

By admin, Published Mar 26, 2013

Have you heard the etiquette "rule" that says you have one year (after attending a couple's wedding) to send a gift? Well, according to Peggy Post, this is more of a myth than a rule, and I can totally see why!

I understand that everyone is busy and sometimes you don't get around to trolling the couple's registry until after the I Do's. But waiting an entire year to send a gift,  after indulging in drinks, dinner, and dancing on the couple's dime?! It just doesn't seem right!

And once the wedding celebration is over, and guests go back to the real world, I'd imagine it's pretty difficult to remember that a gift is still owed to the happy couple.

So now that we've dispelled this senseless myth, I'm just going to put something out there for all wedding guests. Make your mama proud by sending the gift before the wedding or soon after, or by bringing it to the reception (if you're gifting the couple something light-weight like money or a check). It's the right thing to do, and will let you sleep easy knowing you're not THAT wedding guest.

Sadly, in talking to several of my newly married friends and fellow bloggers, I learned that almost every single person had had issues with certain guests not sending gifts. This puts the bride & groom in an extremely tough spot, because... what (if anything) do you say to these delinquent attendees? Where's my d*mn gift?!

Probably not. But, by the same token, it's possible that somehow someone's gift got lost in the shuffle, and you never want to be THAT bride who doesn't properly thank guests for their contributions. Which makes it tempting to say something.

So I'm chomping at the bit to hear what nearlyweds, newlyweds, and wedding pros think about the impossible question below:

What do you do when a wedding guest you're close with is on the "no gift" list? Do you mention it or just let it slide? What if the guest happens to be soon to be married? Do you go eye for an eye and "forget" the gift for his or her wedding? Sound off in the comments section or tweet OneWed up!

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