Wedding Hairstyle To Know - The Top Knot

By Faye Ehrich, Published Apr 22, 2013


Every soon-to-married longhaired lady should get to know one of our favorite romantic wedding hairstyles – the Top Knot.

Whether you choose to wear this style down the white aisle or as a quick updo for one of the many pre-wedding events we know you’ll be attending, the Top Knot is a great bridal hairstyle to have in your arsenal. We love that it works perfectly tousled and messy, slick and sleek, or embelisshed with braids.

As a longhaired lady I find myself rushing out the door and rustling my hair into a slightly unkempt Top Knot all too often, but hey it looks good! So, you can imagine my joy when a friend (who is very familiar with my default hairstyle) forwarded over a fanstatic Tumblr site, Top-Knot. The tumblr photo blog is filled with just one thing, Top Knots in all different styles, hair types, and situations. Get ready to Pin your favorites!


I spent a good while scrolling through the pages and found a few bridal appropriate photos to inspire you wedding day hairstyle. There are even a few for longhaired grooms!






Top Knot Romantic Wedding Hairstyle 5







Top Knot Romantic Wedding Hairstyle 16




Are you a fan of the Top-Knot? Tell us below or Tweet us your favorite picture!

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