Wedding Industry Inspiration

By Anna Brady, Published Sep 10, 2009

A month ago, I eagerly joined a group of wedding bloggers pledging to write a blog post today, April 21st, about someone inspiring in the industry. The tough part of this pledge is choosing just one I will mention a few. Several amazing wedding bloggers have been unbelievably giving of their time, expertise, creative verve and I am forever grateful. In particular, Always a Blogsmaid, Bubbly Bride, It's A Jaime Thing, Hostess with the Mostess, Rock n Roll Bride, The Man Registry. I would like to highlight a husband & wife photography team that I met a few months ago. Tim & Sasha Rothwell of Rothwell Photography not only shoot stunning and emotionally evocative wedding photographs but are two of the most positive, optimistic people I have met. Tim & Sasha are two young, fresh, up&coming wedding photographers with a love story to tell. Cheers Tim & Sasha!

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