Wedding Music Gone Wrong

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Last week we ran a little piece with the worst Father/Daughter dance choices. Which got us thinking, what would be the worst music choices for weddings in general? It turns out the folks at NPR were one step ahead of us (hey, they’re very smart over there). Here are some of my favorites from their list: Send in the Clowns (as the bride walked down the aisle no less) You’ve Lost that Loving Feelin’ (first dance, no joke) The Lady is a Tramp (sung by the groom to the bride, although actually, if you listen to the words of the song, he’s paying her a compliment, but it’s hard to get past the title). The two worst songs I personally have heard played at a wedding: This One Goes out to the One I Love (Um, he’s cheating on you.) Every Breath You Take (People, stalking is not romantic.) Check out the complete article here, and remember, listen to the words before you pick the song! If you're looking for ways to avoid bad song choices, check out our article on choosing and working with bands. What’s the most inappropriate wedding song you can think of?

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