Wedding planning trend: Nuptials at sea

By News, Published Sep 10, 2009

Fancy a destination wedding on a unique floating hotel where the view is ever-changing and you can see exotic sights?

If so, hosting your wedding on a cruise ship may appeal - and new data shows that this trend has really taken off over the past few years.

Recent research conducted by Cruise Lines International Association members revealed that they have experienced at least a 60 percent increase in cruise weddings over the past decade, while six out of 10 agents say their business has increased in the last two years alone.

So, where are people headed on their cruise ship weddings? More than 80 percent of travel agents who mainly sell cruises say the Caribbean/Bahamas is the most popular destination.

As for the reasons for booking a cruise for their big day, some 23 percent of respondents said their clients are seeking a budget wedding, while 35 percent say the allure of a combination wedding-honeymoon is the main motivator.

Other stats reveal that approximately 40 percent of travel agents who mainly sell cruises reported that clients have purchased shipboard or destination wedding cruises.

Meanwhile, in-port weddings during a cruise have increased in popularity by 18.3 percent along with shipboard weddings, showing a 22 percent rise.

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