Wedding Traditions from Around the World

By admin, Published Nov 23, 2011

We predicted that for 2011 weddings, a top trend would be infusing culture and heritage into couple's I Do's.  And boy were we right!

More and more nearlyweds are incorporating time-honored wedding customs from their countries of origin, honoring their heritages in the most special way.  So today, we take a look at seven wedding traditions from around the world!


AFRICA- Jumping the Broom: What a great way to start anew!  At traditional African weddings, as a way to wash away the old and start fresh together, the bride and groom hold hands and literally, skip over a broom.

BERMUDA- Plantable Cake Toppers: Bermuda brides and grooms top their wedding cakes in an interesting, eco-friendly way.  A tiny sapling is placed atop tiered wedding cakes, then planted by the couple at their new home.

CARIBBEAN- Black Wedding Cakes: Believe it or not, white is not the wedding standard in the Caribbean!  Rich black wedding cakes are what traditional couples serve, comprised of rum and dried fruit, with family recipes being passed down through generations.

CHINA- Purses of Gold: In another life, I'd like to come back as a Chinese bride!  Why?  Because they're gifted purses filled with fine gold jewelry by all their female relatives.  Not a bad deal for the bride!

FRANCE- Coupe de Marriage: the Coupe de Marriage is a two-handled engraved cup, often a family heirloom passed on to future generations.  During the toasts at the wedding reception, the bride and groom sip from the Coupe de Marriage.

GREECE- Crowning the Couple: A floral head wreath, or stefana, is meant to represent crowns worn by royalty, and the sanctity of the marriage by the church.  So at Greek weddings, together the couple is crowned with a stefana.

INDIA- Pre-Wedding Rituals: Indian brides start celebrating five days before the actual wedding, with a ceremonial bath for ritual cleansing.  Gorgeous henna on the hands and feet comes next, and a thali (a jewel wrapped in gold, secured to a yellow string) is placed around the bride's neck.  The thali is similar to a wedding band, as it's worn throughout the marriage.  However, the three knots on the thali symbolize the wife's three main duties, to her parents, husband and kids.


Have any traditions to add to our list?  Post them in the comment section below or send us a tweet!  As you probably noticed, there are plenty more countries with rich wedding customs!  So check back Monday for part 2 as we uncover more fantastic traditions from around the globe!

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