Wedding Traditions Reinvented: A Better Way to Toss the Bouquet

By admin, Published Jan 10, 2013

Once upon a time, it was standard procedure for the bride to toss her bouquet during her wedding reception. But when I think about all the weddings I've attended in the past few years, I can't remember the last bride who actually took part in this tradition.

And there are plenty of reasons why the bouquet toss has been ditched. One being that it singles out all the single ladies at the wedding. But here's a great alternative if you love the idea of the traditional bouquet toss, but don't want to hurt any feelings.

Etsy seller French Knot Weddings offers "fortune telling" break apart bouquets, created especially for tossing purposes. Once you untie the ribbon and toss the bouquet, twelve individual blooms fly up in the air. So twelve (not one) of your single lady guests get a beautiful flower to take home with them. You could even open up the bouquet toss to all female guests (not just the single ones).

Will you toss the bouquet? Would you consider it now that you're privy to the break apart options? Sound off below!

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