Wedding trends to watch this year

By News, Published Mar 1, 2011

For women getting married in 2011, these next few months may be full of planning and plotting in order to make sure your marital shindig is one to remember. Good news - some experts in the field have taken note of some of the most important trends to watch.

According to, couples are continually thinking outside the box when it comes to their receptions.

"Firework displays can be another tremendous example of entertainment, especially near the end of the festivities," the writer at the news source advises, adding that "if you're having an outdoor reception, I love to pass out sparklers to all the guests, too."

Other fads to look out for include going green with your soiree and mailing invitations on recycled paper, as well as infusing a vintage feel into your photographs.

In the end, couples should make sure they take the time to coordinate the wedding of their dreams. When all is said and done, you're going to remember this night for the rest of your life!

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