Wedding Venue Dealings: That THING You Do

By, Published May 15, 2012

Brideys… if the beautiful venue hosting your wedding says that they can’t do a particular “thing” that you want them to do, or what you are asking for is outside the boundaries of what they can do (legally or otherwise), please BELIEVE them. ESPECIALLY if this piece was discussed ad nauseum during the initial site visit.

What am I talking about? Such things may include (but are not limited to): providing a particular cuisine or food you saw at some AMAZING restaurant that you just HAVE TO HAVE at your wedding, bringing in your own caterer (if they are an establishment that already provides food), lighting fires during the ceremony, any sort of pyrotechnics, smoke machines, bonfires, hanging from the chandeliers, and live animals. Obviously, I am exaggerating a little bit, but sadly, not by much. Bottom line: there is no signing on the dotted line now, and “dealing with that later”. Because you know what will happen? Your venue still won’t do that “thing” you wanted them to do, and guess what? Here comes the bitch bride.

It’s not fair to get pissed off or to try and change wedding venue policies because you are upset over something you knew from the beginning. Okay? So don’t do it! Or else you are simply setting yourself up for an unnecessary disappointment, and it’s not worth it. Got it? So quit being a bia, believe the venue when they tell you they can’t do something, and make an informed decision. Trust me consider it one less “thing” to torture yourself with during your wedding planning journey!

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