Wee Chic: The Little Girl Wedding

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Jan 18, 2013

The 'Little Girl Wedding' is going over big out there lately, especially for spring and outdoor nuptials. Defined, the LGW is a bridal party primarily made up with a line of little girls ranging in ages anywhere from 3-13.

Though this seems to be a 'now' trend, did you know it was once tradition in Europe for kids to make up the wedding party almost entirely? They can process through a garden, woods or meadow in tulles, chiffons, cottons and organzas like the ones here so lovingly designed by Gilly Gray of the UK.

Any of you out there thinking about putting some ‘wee chic’ into your wedding, Gilly Gray not only custom designs dresses but also has a line of accessories for little girls that are incredibly adorable and fun to wear even after the wedding...

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