What An Awesome Wedding Shooter Can Do

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Feb 15, 2013

On my Bride Chic Blog I have a once in a while series I run called, Awesome Shooters where I post about some really off-the-charts wedding photographers that are so great, I want to scream their virtues off rooftops!

Recently I had the honor and good fortune to work with a very gifted fashion and wedding photographer named Joy Strotz. These inspiring images were taken during a shoot we did for Ceremony Magazine back in August of 2012 at The Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California.

While I've worked with quite a few shooters over the years, Joy's special gift is seeing beautiful pictures in her head and translating them into reality. She has both the technical knowledge of photography mixed in there with the fine art and drama aspect you see here. Plus, it was a shoot for Ceremony so lucky for us we had the very finest wedding pros working with us on location.

Kudos to everyone and a special thanks to Ceremony Magazine for making all the swoon-worthy possible...

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