What to wear for a second wedding

By News, Published Mar 1, 2011

Being engaged for the second time is often less stressful than the first. While most women go all out with their wedding planning for their initial walk down the aisle, many choose to take it easy when saying "I do," part two.

According to HometownLife.com, ladies can feel free to think outside the box when it comes to their gowns.

"When choosing a gown for a second wedding, brides-to-be can use their discretion," the news source reports. "Gone is the stigma of wearing white. However, brides still may want to choose an alternative color to bright white to be more complementary to their skin tones."

The news provider also advises ladies to consider dresses made of off-white, pale yellow and light pink fabrics. Also, those who want to flaunt a white number should feel free to embrace something with unique, eye-catching features.

When it comes down to it, women should do whatever they feel is best for their second trip to the altar. After all, if you eloped for your first marriage, you may want to go for glitz and glamour the second time around!

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