What’s Your Wedding Day LAMD?

By admin, Published Sep 19, 2012

You shouldn't need one when you walk down the aisle, but it's always better to be safe than sorry!

I love me some Andy Cohen and Bravo TV. So when Andy mentioned LAMDs (pronounced lam-dee, short for 'Look At Me Device') on Watch What Happens Live, I was instantly smitten with the expression.

So... what exactly is a LAMD? It's a certain something that sets your style apart, something bold that draws everyone's attention. Like, a big hat, statement necklace, or dangerously high platform heels.

I got to thinking about a bride's LAMD, and if her dream wedding dress is, by default, her LAMD... I for one think every bride should have a 'look at me device' beyond the dress, one special style piece that sets her white aisle (or reception) look apart from the crowd. So I've got to ask...

What will your wedding day LAMD be? Will it be a sparkling pair of bridal earrings, a haute couture veil, gorgeous gilded pumps, or a vintage brooch bouquet? The options are endless, so sound off below!

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