When He Says Save and You Say Splurge

By ceaster@themanregistry.com, Published Jan 30, 2012

Special to OneWed by Kara Horner of TheManRegistry.com

Couples don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to spending. While he may not understand how you can spend $300 on a new handbag (“Did you really need another black purse?”), you’ll likely be equally baffled when he spends $300 on a new video game system (“Didn’t the old one work just fine?”). So when it comes to deciding whether you should splurge or save on wedding details, things can often get dicey. Here’s how to deal.

Pick your battles. If you haven’t already grossly exceeded your wedding budget, and want to spend a bit more in certain areas, make sure the items you choose are really important to you. For example, if you live for music, you may want to splurge on an amazing wedding band to play your reception. Or if you love to cook, you might want to spend more on creating a stand-out culinary experience for your guests. But if you tell your fiancé you want to splurge on every single wedding detail, you’ll seem unreasonable and will likely hit a brick wall.

Make your case. Want to hire the splurge-worthy wedding photographer with the most incredible portfolio you’ve seen? Convince your fiancée on why you need to spend a bit more. It helps you to really do your research here. If you can show him how many different options you’ve checked into and why spending a bit more now will reap major benefits later, he’ll likely come around to your way of thinking.

Offer a compromise. If you want to really splurge on something, start by identifying another area where you can cut back. He’ll appreciate your efforts and will likely see how much you’re willing to compromise to make it happen. Or even consider offering to splurge on something that’s important to him (such as renting a classic car to exit the reception) to help nudge him in the right direction when it comes to spending more on what’s most important to you.

Of course, if you’ve already left your original wedding budget in the dust, this will likely be a much more difficult conversation. You may still have some wiggle room if you can make an air-tight case for what you want, but you’ll likely have to let something else go to make up for it, so choose wisely!

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