Whimsical Wedding Invitation Suite

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 15, 2010

When Sara of Save the Date Co. (one of our great OneWed wedding pros) sent me pictures of this whimsical wedding invitation I was struck by the unusual color scheme. I felt like I instantly knew this bride and groom, and was more than a little disappointed that I hadn't been invited to what looked like a great wedding! Sara explains the story behind the invites: The bride and groom wanted their reception to be fun and different, so they chose a vintage inspired carnival theme for their wedding, and they wanted their invitation to reflect that. Alexi wanted to incorporate twine into the invitation and she wanted a tactile as well as visual experience for the invitation. We decided that instead of using the twine to just tie around a flat card, it would be much more interesting to create a folded invitation that the twine held shut, and mimic the look of a package so each guest felt they were receiving a present. To make the invitation more unique and vintage-inspired, we printed it on a heavy, textured cardstock. The map at the bottom is one of my favorite features. The reception was held at a beautiful, tucked away little park, so directions were definitely necessary and presented an opportunity to create some graphic elements. There is a large, historical pavillion in the center of the park that was the perfect icon. The entire map was hand-drawn with a subtle pattern in the background. The map was perforated instead of scored so guests could tear it off the invitation and take the directions with them. Another fun part was the address label wraps on the envelope. We printed each guests' address on the front and the return address on the back and wrapped the sticker around the envelope. It saved the couple the time of addressing, and allowed the design and colors to be carried to the outside of the envelope and finish off the invitation set. Since the reception was held in a park and had a lot of different "stations" going on, Alexi asked us to create a map that coordinated with her invitations and would let her guests know where everything was located when they arrived at the reception. We stayed true to the colors and patterns, but mixed things up a little bit. The pavillion icon was carried over from the invitation, and icons were created to represent the cotton candy, photobooth, tent, balloons, etc. We are biased, but we think it turned out really well! Map photo courtesy of the talented Aria Vance Bethards at ariaphotographyonline.com

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